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Voice Typing in All Language: Speech to Text
Voice Typing in All Language 1.2 Tool Media App

Voice Typing in All Language: Speech to Text Description

Typing becomes much easier now with Voice Typing in All Language: Speech to Text app. It is very intuitive and powerful mobile application with almost all major language support. Just utter what you have in your mind in a language that you speak and let the speech to text app do the rest. No matter whether you are an English, Portuguese, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi or Bengali speaker. You voice will be transcribed into to your own language instantly. So Converse with family and friends in a brand new style now. In addition it is recommended for those who are really annoyed with their default phone keyboard/keypads.

Voice Typing app is very easy to use. Simply tap on the microphone icon and start talking. It will translate you voice into text soon after you stop talking. Talk as long as you can since their is no word limit for creation of short note or a lengthy document. One more thing that you all like about this app is you can simply edit text with a keyboard when needed. Also the speech recognizer does not exhaust at all that makes creating a lengthy document very easy. Also customize the font style/size of the text according to your liking.

Moreover, the social media integration will let you share your documents with anyone easily using twitter, Whatsapp, Skype and more.