Opera News Lite APK for Android v1.6.1 Free Download

Opera News Lite - Less Data, More News
Opera News Lite - Less Data, More News 1.6.1 Opera Inc.

Opera News Lite Description

Opera News Lite is a unique app created by Opera to help people stay up to date with news and current affairs consuming less mobile data. As it is one of the best data saving apps which is both lite and powerful. Just download this lightweight news reading app to get latest news headlines and other stuff of your own interest anytime anywhere.

It is powerful news reading app in the sense that it can support more than 60 languages. The major language include and English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Espanol and more. You can read news and headline in your own regional or local language.

Today most apps work based on the AI.  Users desire news curated content. Keeping that aspect in mind Opera introduced Opera News Lite app. The more you use this app the personalized content
you will get.

Opera News Lite being the lightweight app help access news, stories the easiest way possible. It's UI is simple and unique in that it loads faster and performs better than any other news apps.

---Features of Opera News Lite App---

* Light weight only consume 2 MB of storage
* Perform better the more you use it
* Support more than 60 languages
* Get latest headlines on home screen  using push  notification
* Stay connected to foot ball news
* Publish only first hand content by dedicated content writers

NOTE: To get personalized and customized news on home screen just check push notification button on Opera News Lite - Less Data, More News app on. It will let you get alerts on the go.