Roshan Pakistan APK for Android v11.6 Free Download

Roshan Pakistan
Roshan Pakistan 11.6 Power Information Technology Company (PITC)

Roshan Pakistan App Description

Roshan Pakistan is an Android app that enables consumers of electricity to know more about their load shedding schedule and other information such as billing details. It is really an awesome idea to help people know exactly how much they have to pay for the units they have consumed right on their mobile. It also helps the service providers to run their operations more smoothly and efficiently. Apart from that, it will abate the number of strikes regarding over-billing and load-shedding.

Roshan Pakistan app has a built-in Bill Estimator, that will also guide them to calculate an estimated amount of the bill against units consumed. So, everyone will get an idea about bill estimation against consumed units and know about the rates of the units. So, all in all, it looks a cool app.

* In-built bill estimator help estimate bills
* Know exactly how many units have been consumed
* Informs you about the load shedding timing
* Register a complaint
* Apply for a new connection

Therefore, grab app free for Android and Tablets and stay updated with loading shedding details and keep an eye on over billing. You can find the the download link by the end of the post. Tap on it to download right now.