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Taleem Do!
Taleem Do! 2.9 Alif Ailaan

Taleem Do! App Description

Taleem Do! an initiative taken by Alif Ailaan to help make schools better. It is an inclusive effort where anyone can take part in the and provide information about their local schools. You can also add information about students, teachers, and schools in your territory. It will help both the school administration and other authorities to make a collective effort to boost performance and improve the condition of schools. You can also check where your district stands in terms of literacy rate along with other parameters. To be able to put your input in the cause, download Taleem Do! app for Android now and report an issue right away.

In addition to that, it discloses a yearly report on how much progress different districts have seen over the course of time in terms of education. So, in order to help schools and the Ailaan team to compile reports, download the app right now and take part in the cause.

You can either create an account with Taleem Do! or connect your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to log in and report an issue if you have any in your region. It's very easy to use, just click on the report and create a report with video and photo evidence and submit.