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The Ruet
The Ruet 2.5 MoST

The Ruet Description

The Ruet is a special Android application that provides useful information about moon and moon sighting.The main reason behind creating this application is to resolve the controversy that arises every year on moon sighting in Pakistan specifically in the holy month of Ramadan. I hope this would solve the issue once and for all. Ministry of Science and Technology offers this app for Android smartphone users.

Install The Ruet Android app on your smartphone to get more information about new moon, it's different phases and age on your hand palm right now. Apart from that you will also be able to know  about the Lunar calendar along with Islamic months hijri calendar using The Ruet app.

There are certain things that need to have to make the app work on your device properly. That includes GPS, Accelerometer, Touch Screen, Gyroscope, Compass and Multi Touch. If your device does have all these sensors then I am sure this app will work perfectly on your smartphone anywhere in the country.

Features of The Ruet App:

  • Lunar Calendar
  • Hijri Calendar
  • New moon detais
  • Moon phases
  • Moon age, birth and more.
So if you are living in Pakistan then you must download The Ruet apk file and install it on your Android to know more about Islamic calendar and moon sighting and different phases of moon.