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ApentalCalc Description

What makes your profile so strong on Facebook? Does followers, comments and likes matter? If it does, then how will you be able get as many likes and comments as possible? So, when we talk about the more natural way of getting likes then it probably depends on the quality of the post, trending material and the engagement on the post, page or feeds. You don't need to do anything on such compelling posts. Consequently draw attention of many. But what if you see no engagement on feeds and status at all than you may consider using a Facebook Auto Liker  Apental Calc.

What is Apental?

It is popular with the name ApentalCalc but more familiar among users with the short name Apental. In fact it the coolest auto liker with a smashing User Interface giving more of an edge over many other likers. In real  most auto liker apps work on the mechanism of the social media exchange system, Apental Calc is simply a continuation of that. This app is in the business of offering spam free, real and instant likes on their profile photos, page photos, and other photos instantly. It is very useful for those who are not so popular among their friends in terms of receiving likes on their photos.

How to use Auto Liker App?

Using Apental Calc is not very difficult as long as your a Facebook account.

First of all download the new and latest version of Apental Calc 2020 right now. Since we have put the link of online liker for direct download on our website for your convenience it should not difficult for you to get Apental Calc APK. You can find it either on top or right at the bottom of the post. Install it to make auto likes roll in on photos. I'm sure everything is going smoothly up till now. The second step is to make certain changes to the privacy settings of your Facebook Account. Change the privacy setting of your Facebook Followers and of the photo on which you want a boost in the number of likes to "Public". Don't ever forget to make these changes. If you do so then you won't be able to get a single like on your photo.

Now the real deal starts at last. Open Apental app now. You will see the Facebook interface if you are on a live internet connection. Sign in now using Apental Calc and choose the photo whose privacy is public to let it work.  You will see a few things that make it clear that you have done exactly the same what all you were supposed to do. A Green submit button means you are ready to hit submit the photo for Auto Likes. In a matter of few minutes, you probably would see an increase in likes. That's it!

Features of Apental Calc app

* Increase Facebook Auto Likes instantly
* Increase Likes on Profile photos
* Enhance Likes on page photos
* Free and easy to use
* Simple and sleek design
* 100% free Auto Likes
* Free auto comments

Click here in case the download doesn't link work.

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